• Coworking space LINKS

    Work together in Hokkaido, Japan


    Co-working is one of the way to make your job more efficient. At LINKS, there are entrepreneurs, nomad workers, free-lancers and so on.

    So you can share ideas and get the opportunity to collaborate on projects. Also you can cut the cost of lending office down.

    There are many benefits of joining LINKS.

    Because LINKS is a shared work environment where people meet, work and network.
    If you visit to Hokkaido for business or not, don't hesitate to come to LINKS!


    Lots kind of plans

    Dropin~company registration.

    you can use LINKS as you like and freely

    Good location, lots of nature

    Just middle of

    Sapporo and Chitose airport

    To Sapporo 17 min

    to New chitose airport 20 min.

    Great nature around LINKS makes you more creative and relax.

    Good community

    Connect each other

    Everyone can talk to each other without hesitate. And lots idea come up during talking.

    We have many connections with investors.


    Good enough office supply


    Smart Lock


    Office supplies

    Phone booth

    Global network

    Free Drink

    Share PC


    Parking area

    Private Locker

    Display space


    Don't hesitate to ask us

    コワーキングスペースLINKS kitahiroshima
    Visitor: 10AM-6PM (weekday)
    Member: 24h/365d
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